Shakopee Minnesota Xe Drinkers Love Healthy Energy

Minneapolis Antioxidant Energy Drink The Xocai Xe Energy Drink is winning Shakopee energy drink fans every day. These are the types of feedback I get from my Minneapolis healthy chocolate drink customers:

“After getting the kids up and ready for school, putting in eight hours at work and then commuting in St. Paul rush hour traffic, I used to come home and crash at 7:00. Dinner was usually fast food. Now that I drink an Xe after lunch, I can come home, make a nutritious dinner, help the kids with homework and sometimes even do an hour on the treadmill while I watch my favorite show. Xe has given me back my evenings.”

“I have been drinking energy drinks for six years. I have tried every major energy drink and many niche brands. I finally find one that delivers steady energy—not a jolt followed by a sudden crash. I’ll never go back to Monster or Rock Star now that I have tried Xocai’s Xe.”

“I can’t get going in the morning. I used to pull up to the Minneapolis Starbucks or Caribou every day on my way to my Minneapolis office and then drink cup after cup of break room coffee until lunch. The only thing I like as much as the taste of coffee is the taste of chocolate. Now, I keep Xe on hand at my home and work. One drink gives me more energy than three cups of coffee—with no jitters.”

To try Xe, call me at 952-258-9779. I am Shannon Schillinger, your source for all things Xocai.

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